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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  February 24, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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♪ here's a live look at mount tam in marin county where it's already looking pretty damp and gray ahead of a cold winter storm that will bring snow to unusually low levels in the bay area. amy hollyfield and the santa cruz mountains, another spot expecting snow starting tonight. amy? >> crews are very worried about the roads here in the santa cruz mountain and tomorrow morning's commute. they're doing all they can could get ready. caltran is filling up all eight trucks they have down here with sand. they'll use this on the roads if
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and when there's ice tomorrow. they're hoping to keep people from sliding too much. they have called in three people to work overnight and they're hoping the drivers out there will be patient with them and not add to their troubles. >> basically not really the problem with the snow or the ice on the travelway, it's the motorists coming out to look at the snow. that's my biggest headache. we're trying to keep the highways open and it includes all of santa cruz state highways we try to keep open but when motorists come out, while they wanted to enjoy the snow but yet they're infringing on our work details. >> the california highway patrol is expecting more accidents during the storm, and they have shifted officers around so they'll have enough patrols during the worst of it. they say the best advice if you're driving in this not to panic. if you lose control, panicking always makes it worse.
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try and keep your head. chp officers know it's going to be rough but they actually have a lot of faith in the locals. >> people live in the area, know what to expect. it snowed before in santa cruz, not too often but the rainy season. most people are prepared for it. usually the out of towners get stuck in the rain and the snow and end up sliding off the road. >> here's a way you can help crews tomorrow. see this turnout right here along highway 17, if you wanna come and look at snow tomorrow and you decide this is a good place to pull off and check it out, keep in mind this is where the big trucks like to come. they use this area as a turn-around spot so if people pack this area playing and parking their cars you just killed an area where they actual need, very essential tomorrow. something to think about. it's going to be a wild ride. crews are worried and they're doing all they can to make it go as smooth as possible. live in the santa cruz hills,
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amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> light rain is already falling here in san francisco. we'll show you what it looked like along the embarcadero. within the past hour, folks with umbrellas. it's a little higher up but will look dramatically different come tonight. mike nicco has more on the rain, snow and ice. >> a lot of stuff coming at us tonight out of the santa cruz mountains. the rain will be changing over to snow during tomorrow morning's rush hour. anytime before 4:00 and 6:00 we'll see that accumulate along the santa cruz mountains. dropping a couple hundredths of an inch. as you look towards san mateo, redwood city, foster city, there's light rain and this is heading towards the southeast towards milpitas. that will head over towards sonoma and napa during the next half hour. the bulk of the moisture to the north but cold by crescent city
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and eureka. once we get past rain and snow we have freezing temperatures in the north bay tomorrow night and saturday night. cheryl? >> novato police and the f.b.i. have returned to the backyard of a home this morning after unething a body. they came in the disappearance of a novato man. terry mcsweeney's at the scene. terry? >> here on rebecca way in novato, you have the evidence truck here and the agency are in the backyard of the house. they found a body buried 4 feet deep. it may be dale smith who lived in this house and have been missing. you see the crime tape but police aren't sure what crime has been committed. police have yet to identify who it is they found buried in the backyard of this house. dale smith lived in this house with his life evelyn. he was reported missing two
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weeks ago, not by evelyn but by neighbors who say they haven't seen him for months. >> too bizarre, this is weird. couldn't believe it. >> the body was found buried beneath a 4 foot by 8 foot backyard patio. valerie remembers a conversation she had with the neighbor when the smith's installed that patio just this past fall. it was about the same time they saw dale. >> she said that's weird. i don't even do barbecues. a red flag went up. we've seen nothing. he has not been there. >> evelyn gave police permission to search her backyard but now is referring all calls to her attorney. he told the san francisco chronicle a couple things. one, it's possible dale smith died of natural causes. he was battling cancer. he says the improper disposal of human remains is a misdemeanor. did he die naturally and evelyn
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buried him in the backyard. neighbor john describes evelyn smith. hard to make conversation. but she was always very nice along the way. to us anyway. >> terry, we lost your microphone there but he is reporting live in novato and we'll have more on that story with that body discovered in the backyard on where you can follow it. in a special meeting this morning bart director it is admitted their closed-door vote violated the brown act. members voted 5-4 to ask general manager dorothy dugger to step down. by admitting it violated the brown act, it clears the board of any violation. directors did not take a vote on dug gar's job status today. people familiar with the board says this means she will not be officially asked to resign but
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is negotiating a dye par chur on her own terms. >> new regulations for utilities operating natural pipelines in the state. they will consider new reporting requirements for operators whose pipeline pressure accidentally spiked above legal limits. critics say the changes fall short because they don't require pg&e or other utilities to notify regulators if natural gas levels exceed legal limits during planned pressure surges. assemblyman jerry hill says the new requirements would still allow pg&e to continue the same activities that might have caused the san bruno pipeline to weaken. last september's explosion killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >> libyan leader moammer gadhafi is hanging on to power and blaming osama bin laden for the democratic uprising in his country. meanwhile the u.s. takes another step to ends the violent crackdown. jenelle following all the new
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developments. >> kristen, the obama administration says it will throw its weight behind a european effort to expel libya from the human rights body and looking at the alleged tragedies of the regimen. the government just announced it has frozen any assets belonging to qaddafi in switzerland. >> state tv was called by qaddafi today and blamed the revolution on osama bin laden saying al-queda followers had given young libyans hallucinogenic drugs to get them to vote. it may appear like a pro-democracy movement but a former c.i.a. agent tracking down osama bin laden thinks otherwise. >> i think it's dangerous towards america. things are going towards islam but not going towards secular democracy in all these
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countries. >> meantime more members of qaddafi's inner circle have defected including one of his top lieutenants of 40 years. two libyan pilots chose to eject and crash their fighter plane instead of bombing the second largest citi, the heart of the uprising. they have gained control of the entire even half of libya. >> it's not civil war, there is revolution. there is no civil war, only the people against the regimen. >> qaddafi still has control of the capital city of tripoli. besides the soldiers, they have paid mercenary to the shoot at will, an act of violent intimidation that appears to be working. libyans in that city say they're scared to go outside. this man covered in blood said his wife was shot in the head just for looking out the window. >> the violence in libya has caused the death of several hundred protestors but it's hard to get an accurate number
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because journalists had difficult time getting access. any journalist in the country illegally will be arrested and treated like an al-queda collaborator. >> jenelle, thanks very much. a search for survivors is reaching a critical rage in christ church, new zealand. rescue teams are painstakingly combing the rubble looking for people from the 6.3 quake. a reporter lives in new zealand, is in christ church and described the scene by phone this morning. >> when you get here, the first aftershocks feel sort of slight. and the terrible way, oh, my gosh! and then as they contintenness -- continue and continue over the course of the day, they seem
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absolutely devastated, the center of town is. each aftershock, i can tell you how nervous it actually makes you. >> at this point the death toll now stands at 98 with 226 still missing. authorities warn most of those people are dead, including as many as 120 children trapped in a television building. >> the space shuttle "discovery" is today set to lift off for the last time after a long history of service. >> another 2 million cars
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>> toyota has announced it will recall more than 2 million vehicles in the united states to address issues with gas pedals that could get trapped in floor mats or jammed under carpet. the national highway traffic administration asked to recall these vehicles, 2006, 2007 toyota highlanders, rav 4 and four runner models. they have recalled 14 million vehicles globally over problems. >> spaceship "discovery" for its final launch after three decades of service. everything seems to be coming together for the 1:15 p.m. launch, that's our time, with six astronauts, supplies and robots. the 39th and full-time voyage
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into space. it will be retired to a museum and only two shuttle flights after this one before the shuttle program is retired. >> and letting the private companies taking all that over so it's very controversial. mike nicco has the forecast. >> looking at the main rain event. 80% of the system is going to be a rain event but we have snow down to a thousand foot level and accumulating snow coming at us. i'll tell you when it gets here in a minute. >> the royal couple making the first public appearance together since announcing their engagement. plus shock after getting an invitation to the nuptials. >> it looks like a scene out of an alfred hitchcock movie. create my oasis.
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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have been in the neighborhood fond of ponds in the water district. neighbors aren't too fond of the uninvited guests saying the birds get into fights and drop a lot of waste. they're studying options to evict the birds so far, none have taken flight. >> no comment on this, right? >> thank goodness they're not getting engaged. >> if they were there, i'd be nowhere near them. >> aggressive pattern coming our way. let's show you what's going on. a little rain shower across marin county as we look northwest from mount sutro and san francisco. south beach looking to the east across the bay bridge to the port of oakland. like that cloud there over the bay bridge perspective has given up a little bit of its moisture, also. let's talk about winter weather advisory. the first one from the north bay and from 4:00 this afternoon until 10:00 tomorrow morning.
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the cell starts at 2400 feet. by 10:00 tomorrow morning the snow level look down to 1,000 feet and that's where most of the moisture is leaving. that's where we get half a foot above 2500 feet. lake county we have a winter weather advisory now until 4:00 in the morning. 1 to 2 inches clear lake, 4 to 8 around the higher elevations. santa cruz mountains, the winter weather advisory from 10:00 tonight. that's when the snow is above 3,000 feet. by 10:00 tomorrow the snow will drop to 1,000 feet but that's when most of the moisture is gone and that's why we may get an inch of snow accumulating on grassy services down to about 1,000 feet. so the bulk of the today showers. the heaviest come in this evening and through the overnight hours and anyways when they'll also start mixing with some snow. as we mentioned, that accumulating snow possibly above 1,000 feet by tomorrow evening. today we'll be in the low 50s in just about all our neighborhoods. low to mid-40s clear lake, ukiah
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and 39 cloverdale. monterey, your temperatures low to mid-50s. here we are at 12:00. you can see the scattered showers out there, even snow trying to show um in hamilton 5:00 tonight one the sunsets and moves through. heart of the bay at midnight through about 8:00 in the morning. tomorrow morning's commute going to be tough, not only because of the heavy rain but of the snow levels dropping in the santa cruz mountains. by noon you can see more snow developing in the north bay as the snow levels continue to drop. when we get into the coldest air during the evening hours, look what happens. most of the moisture is gone, save this little spot here that could gust the santa cruz mountains friday into saturday morning. rain, we're going to have a lot of it, about six-tenths to an
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inch and about a quarter in most areas and still have that winter storm up in the sierra for 1 to 2 feet of lake level and 2 to 4 feet above 7,000 feet and that runs through saturday morning. saturday will be dry. we'll see sunshine but temperatures mid to upper 40s. freeze is possible, not like friday night but a better chance saturday night into sunday morning. >> thanks a lot. >> you bet. >> the royal couple made their first public appearance together since announcing their engagement. >> that's right. this is prince william and kate middleton earlier this morning in wales. the couple had been keeping a low profile so you can imagine the big uproar. the wedding list released. >> elton john along with their long time friends like john hayley. who's he? he opened a pub called the old boot just outside of town where kate grew up. it's her family favorite. she even brought him there a
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couple times. >> she said john, this is william. this was all very nice. yeah, something great. something special. >> one of 1900 people on the guest list for the april 29 nuptials. once again we were left out. >> hasn't decided what he's going to wear yet so -- >> still ahead from broadway to monster trucks if you're lookin >> all new -- oprah: actor david arquette -- the breakup, the intervention, and rehab -- >> his first interview -- oprah: where does it stand with you and courtney now?
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a vienna philharmonic or
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even civilization. don sanchez has you covered in today's what's hot. ♪ >> the vienna philharmonic orchestra made its first bay area appearance 20 years ago. ♪ >> what's to celebrate is the newest production from disney on ice, our parent company walt disney with all your favorite characters next week in oracle arena. a civilization in mexico 3,000 years ago greeted these colossal heads and carvings of stone. solving mystery in the museum. the greatest music from broadway with a dazzling cast of theater stars, neil's 100 years of broadway friday night at the marin center. the monster jam brings the roar
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of monster trucks as they invade the oakland coliseum in a showdown, a power-packed motor mic and brawny of steel. ♪ >> kid kalama appears at the culture club part of the noise festival. indy bands and films are show cased throughout the city. works of art, quilts, created like great paintings. includes wearable art in the concourse exhibition center. >> romania. >> don't, stop! using her noisy reporter skills. >> it's comic book action and nonstop adventure. >>
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